Buying used – the Green choice   Leave a comment

The last decade has seen all kinds of initiatives which promote environmentally-sound practices. Government agencies have seriously cracked down on Industrial waste and emissions, and auto makers have been forced to cut emissions as well as increase gas mileage. Incentives are now given to companies and homeowners who utilize green energy sources, making it more feasible to switch to solar or wind power. These large-scale efforts have surely lessened major contributions to our planet’s demise, but less obvious green choices exist as well – including buying used or refurbished networking and telephony equipment.

When a company is done with their equipment, whether because they need an upgrade or their lease expires, that equipment is generally still in good working order. It should not end up in a landfill. Thankfully, many companies such as Cisco, Siemens and Avaya are allowing Certified resellers to refurbish, repair and resell this used equipment. Black Box Resale Services is the forerunner in this market, utilizing an 80,000 square foot refurbishment and repair facility to bring quality and value to customers.

A company looking to upgrade their system needs to consider the benefits of buying used. They can often sell their old system and upgrade to a more robust system which includes refurbished equipment for a fraction of what they would pay for new. Certified refurbished equipment is quality, having been tested rigorously by trained professionals. It also comes with very generous warranties to further put minds at ease. The savings are incentive enough to buy used, but the fact that it is the “Green” choice should also be considered.

Here at Black Box Resale Services, we feel like we are offering a service which promotes environmentally friendly business practice. Our customers can feel good knowing that they are going “Green”. Because of this, our company recently stopped supplying styrofoam coffee cups in the break room. Each employee was given a nice coffee mug instead. It is just a small step in the Green direction, but these small things add up.

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