The Dangers of Counterfeit Cisco Equipment and How to Protect your Business   Leave a comment

Cisco has recently advanced its efforts to convey the risks of purchasing the company’s equipment from non-certified sellers and resellers. This is a problem which continues to plague all aspects of the Business and Technology world, and as a Gold-Certified Cisco partner Black Box Resale Services wants to ensure that consumers are informed about the issue. All organizations, from the pizza shack at the end of the block to the United States Department of Defense need to know that their network’s equipment is genuine. If it is not, and if concessions are made to purchase grey market or non-certified gear, the results can be disastrous. Any short-term cost savings will not be worth the damage bad equipment will do to your company’s infrastructure.

Since 2005, the FBI has cracked down on counterfeit Cisco equipment through its “Operation Network Raider” initiative. Main focus for this operation is on Cisco products coming from China. It is feared that counterfeit Chinese networking products find their way into US markets via non-certified and grey market sellers and resellers, and the Government’s network security may be put at risk. It is a distinct possibility that network engineers may be installing counterfeit Cisco devices into networks containing sensitive data, and unwittingly aiding other countries as they attempt to spy on us. Equipment may be rigged with back-door access, viruses or malicious software designed to fail. Also, much of this equipment is simply not up to the quality standards of Certified Cisco Equipment. If a company installs counterfeit networking gear, chances of network failure are greatly increased – not to mention the imminent danger of a system failing in a nuclear facility or air traffic control center. In 2010, the FBI stated it had seized $145 million worth of counterfeit Cisco equipment in a covert operation that’s netted no less than 715 seizures and brought 31 felony convictions.

Beyond these alarming threats to our National Security, any company looking to purchase Cisco equipment(or any networking equipment for that matter) needs to ensure that they are getting genuine gear whether it is new or refurbished. In the refurbished market, there are two types of Cisco resellers – those that sell Certified Cisco Refurbished Equipment(CCRE) like Black Box Resale Services and those that sell simply refurbished equipment without Cisco certification. Read the following documents from Cisco regarding the benefits of purchasing from a Certified Reseller

What is Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment?

Side-by-side comparison of New, Certified Refurbished and Non-Certified equipment

These documents from Cisco certainly establish the many benefits to purchasing Certified networking and telephony equipment. Any business can rest assured knowing that their equipment is of the highest quality, backed by Cisco warranties, and exhaustively tested to ensure that it operates to utmost functionality. The peace of mind that comes from buying Certified Cisco is one of our highest commodities here at Black Box Resale Services, and we have worked hard to produce that peace of mind through the high standards we are held to in order to be called a Gold-Certified Cisco partner.

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