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BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) is a concept that will quickly become a reality for many educational institutions. The concept is simple – instead of a school supplying desktop pcs or netbooks to all of their students, the students will instead bring their own device to the classroom. At first it may seem that this is just a way to cut costs for the school, which is one nice side effect as funding for education continues to feel the squeeze. However, this is not the main goal of this conversion. It is about flexible, mobile and personalized learning practices. While a full switch to complete BYOD might be a plan for the future, beefing up a campus’s wireless capabilities today can let students utilize their devices and blend with the network topology that already exists.

In this post, I’m specifically talking about post-secondary education. The implications and implementation concerns are quite different for K-12, yet it is still already being adopted there and ropes being learned along the way. The difference with higher education is that the vast majority of students already have a capable device. They have laptops, netbooks, iPads, Blackberrys or Android devices and all of these can become networked devices capable of being a valuable learning tool.

Wouldn’t it be great if students could access course materials wherever they were on campus wirelessly through their own device? Instructors could send class announcements immediately with a few clicks. Students sick in bed could still take exams, review notes or even watch a live webcast of a lecture. On top of this, university resources could be accessed on mobile devices and e-books used instead of textbooks.

There will always be a need for desktop pcs and wired networks for specific learning situations such as resource-intensive applications and lab environments. Network infrastructure already in place simply needs a refresh or upgrade to accomodate wireless connectivity and security for devices that students use. The needs include greater bandwidth, a number of wireless access points and controllers across campus, reliable switching and enhanced network security measures.

It may sound daunting to begin this path toward campus-wide wireless connectivity and eventual BYOD. Fear not, because here at Black Box Resale Services we have provided full solutions for our partners in education. From cost-saving refurbished equipment to cabling and deployment of robust wireless networks, we can get a campus up to speed in no time.

When we do network rfreshes and upgrades for educational facilities, we reccommend Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment. Cisco wireless access points, Cisco Wireless Bridges and Cisco Routers and Switches. These high-quality and affordable refurbished components offer unmatched performance and reliability. Contact your sales representative at Black Box Resale Services to learn more about upgrading your current ststem to get your campus up to speed with wireless connectivity.

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