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We offer solutions for customers that need a turnkey solution. For businesses that want to quickly and efficiently expand their current platform or even those looking to shore up their disaster recovery plans, our switchbook listings have all the major components of a complete phone system in one place. Consider it an ala carte menu of phone and voicemail systems!» Check out some highlights from our wide selection and Make the Smart Call.
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Black Box Resale stocks many hard-to-find items, including Nortel BCM50's Nortel BCM50
» Release 5.0 with 2 expansion ports, 3 analog trunks and 7 IP Sets with 20 voicemail boxes and 21 call center agent licenses. Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XBCM001BBAF5D3CC
Nortel CS1000E
» Release 6.0 Premium Services with CallPilot 202i Release 5.0.
Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XCS1000E318825343
Nortel BCM 400
Release 4.0, with 2 IP sets and 44 mailboxes and 8 VOIP licenses. Redundant System Capabilities. Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XBCMCF83E30A0000
Siemens HiPath 3550
Release 7.0 with 10 HG1500 B Channels

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