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Phone Restoration

Let’s talk frankly about refurbished phones. When you hear the term “refurbished”, what images or preconceptions come to mind? Scratched or dented products? A returned item that was simply dusted off and re-packaged? We have found that many of the refurbishers in the communications market are just fine with sending equipment like this out to their customers. But would you trust a company like this enough to put one of their refurbished phones on your boss or CEO’s desk? We wouldn’t.

At Black Box Resale Services, we have been repairing and refurbishing phones and other communications equipment for over 20 years. We have always known that our processes far exceeded our competitors. Still, unless you have actually done business with us and seen the quality of our products you might simply think we are “just another refurbisher”. Every time we send out a sample phone to a prospective customer, we get their business. The quality speaks for itself. That is why we have coined a new term to describe the unique process and special kind of love that we give our products – Phone Restoration.

Think of phone restoration along the same lines as classic car restoration. You might find an old ’57 Chevy rusting away in a lot somewhere and decide you want to restore it to the condition it was in when it rolled off the assembly line so many years ago. First you need to test everything out to see what you’re dealing with in regards to the engine and other mechanical parts – it needs to not just look good, but ride down the road good too! So you test it, then rebuild the engine, add a new radiator, and maybe replace the exhaust system. You take it out on the boulevard for a test drive, and it runs great. Now to getting it looking great – you buff out the rust, add some new chrome and give it a snazzy new paint job. It’s good as new!

We do the same with phones. First a series of tests to see what – if anything – electronic needs to be repaired. The phone’s shell is rigorously cleaned and then painted to a brand-new look in our custom paint shop. After a new logo is silk-screened onto the phone, it is reassembled and again plugged into a real-world testing environment to confirm that it is running in tip-top shape. We then box it up with new product literature and a new coil cord and it’s ready to be sent to a customer.

As you can see, our process of repair and refurbishment goes well above and beyond what most other companies do. It’s no longer just a used phone, it’s a restored phone – one that looks and performs exactly like it did when it rolled off the assembly line. Because we know the quality of our restored phones, we stand behind them with an unmatched warranty as well. Other companies can’t offer that simply because they don’t have the same confidence in their products as we do in ours.

Classic phone contest winner   Leave a comment

We recently held a photo contest with our newsletter viewers, telling them to send us a picture of their old or retro office telephones. From the responses, it’s obvious that there are still a whole lot of older desktop phones out there doing their job! From ROLM phones to old Cortelcos to classic Nortel and Executone, folks took pride in showing off their reliable equipment.

This is a shot sent to us by Marilyn N. of her trusty Siemens Rolm phone from 1980. We’re betting this phone has received a positive ROI over the years! She won our contest, and showed us once again that a good phone doesn’t need to retire – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! And if it is broke, well, we can fix it for you…

The fact is, plenty of offices and businesses are using phones and phone systems like this. They just plain work. At Black Box Resale Services, we carry a huge selection of used telephony equipment and will have just the right product to fit into your system. We stock old and discontinued products that you will not find anywhere else, and they have been meticulously reconditioned and tested to ensure that they will live on for many years to come. We repair and recondition old phones like this every day as well, so if that old rusty but trusty desk phone needs some TLC you can be sure that we will take cood care of it for you. By having your phones repaired, you extend the life of your equipment and get the most return out of your investment.

Give Black Box Resale Services a call today at 877-415-3379 or visit our website to check out our inventory or learn more about our repair services.

Black Box Holiday Party!   Leave a comment

Our annual Holiday party was held on the 13th of December, the first in our new building. Everybody enjoyed some great food and a lot of laughs. The highlight of the day might have been the “Best” Christmas sweater contest…

After much discussion by the judges, Mike Young was declared the winner and took home the coveted trophy!

After the excitement from the sweater contest died down and Mike did a victory lap, the traditional Bingo tournament got underway. People won some great prizes including lots of poinsettia plants.

All of us here at Black Box Resale Services want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and happy Holiday season…

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Hosted VoIP for Disaster Recovery   Leave a comment

“The show must go on…”

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is essential for any business, and the telephony system might be the single most important component to safeguard.   If your business is using traditional PBX technology through the local telephone company, you are guaranteed downtime and loss of revenue should a disaster make phone lines inoperable.  Voice Over IP(VoIP) communications systems have built-in disaster recovery traits.  Since voice data is transmitted over the Internet, data can be alternatively routed in order to avoid breakdowns in infrastructure caused by a disaster such as flooding, fire or inoperable lines. 

With a hosted VoIP solution, all of your voice data servers are housed in “The Cloud” offsite and accessed over the Internet.  In the event of a catastrophe or disaster, your communications system can be brought back to functionality very quickly.  There is virtually no lapse in business continuity.   Once a new location is established, phones can be plugged into the network and you’re back up and running.  In the interim before a new location is established,  calls can easily be re-routed to mobile devices. 

There are many, many advantages to implementing a hosted VoIP communications solution in your business.  However, it is a big switch and if your telephone system is operating sufficiently then why change it?  Well, companies are now realizing the disaster recovery benefits of running a hosted VoIP system behind their current system strictly for the purposes of disaster recovery.  The cost is minimal, and considering the speed at which business continuity can be restored after a disaster it simply makes sense.

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This Earth Day, we are hearing a lot about how businesses can help the environment by adopting Green initiatives. There are lots of different ways – reduce energy consumption, manage waste, employ alternative energy resources, etc. Another way that businesses can “Go Green” is by purchasing used or refurbished equipment and having broken equipment repaired rather than replacing it with new gear.

At Black Box Resale Services, we take pride in the fact that we we save a phone or networking switch’s life by keeping it out of the landfill and giving it a second go. We repair a lot of phones and other gear. They come into our facility broken down and dirty, and when we are done with them they look and function good as new.

Our repair specialists are certified experts in their field, and work with the latest technologies as well as older legacy equipment. Our repair services include testing, cleaning, sanitizing, plastic recoating, silk-screening and painting – to certified specifications as good or better than OEM specs.

Black Box Resale Services also purchases old or unwanted equipment from companies that want to “clean house” and make back some of the money they invested in it.  We’re kind of like an animal shelter – telecom shelter –  and don’t worry, we will make sure to find a good home for your equipment!

The bottom line is that by taking advantage of refurbished equipment you can save money and still enjoy the same quality and warranty as new.  Repairing your broken gear instead of tossing it out and getting new gear also saves you money without loss of performance.  Saving money is a great incentive, and on top of that you can take stock in the fact that you are doing the environment a favor.

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BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) is a concept that will quickly become a reality for many educational institutions. The concept is simple – instead of a school supplying desktop pcs or netbooks to all of their students, the students will instead bring their own device to the classroom. At first it may seem that this is just a way to cut costs for the school, which is one nice side effect as funding for education continues to feel the squeeze. However, this is not the main goal of this conversion. It is about flexible, mobile and personalized learning practices. While a full switch to complete BYOD might be a plan for the future, beefing up a campus’s wireless capabilities today can let students utilize their devices and blend with the network topology that already exists.

In this post, I’m specifically talking about post-secondary education. The implications and implementation concerns are quite different for K-12, yet it is still already being adopted there and ropes being learned along the way. The difference with higher education is that the vast majority of students already have a capable device. They have laptops, netbooks, iPads, Blackberrys or Android devices and all of these can become networked devices capable of being a valuable learning tool.

Wouldn’t it be great if students could access course materials wherever they were on campus wirelessly through their own device? Instructors could send class announcements immediately with a few clicks. Students sick in bed could still take exams, review notes or even watch a live webcast of a lecture. On top of this, university resources could be accessed on mobile devices and e-books used instead of textbooks.

There will always be a need for desktop pcs and wired networks for specific learning situations such as resource-intensive applications and lab environments. Network infrastructure already in place simply needs a refresh or upgrade to accomodate wireless connectivity and security for devices that students use. The needs include greater bandwidth, a number of wireless access points and controllers across campus, reliable switching and enhanced network security measures.

It may sound daunting to begin this path toward campus-wide wireless connectivity and eventual BYOD. Fear not, because here at Black Box Resale Services we have provided full solutions for our partners in education. From cost-saving refurbished equipment to cabling and deployment of robust wireless networks, we can get a campus up to speed in no time.

When we do network rfreshes and upgrades for educational facilities, we reccommend Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment. Cisco wireless access points, Cisco Wireless Bridges and Cisco Routers and Switches. These high-quality and affordable refurbished components offer unmatched performance and reliability. Contact your sales representative at Black Box Resale Services to learn more about upgrading your current ststem to get your campus up to speed with wireless connectivity.

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A look at phone painting   Leave a comment

Here at Black Box Resale Services, we do it all. Our phone refurbishing and repair services are top-notch, and we feel like the quality of our services make us stand out. We get a lot of broken, dirty phones sent to us, and by the time we’re done with them they sparkle like new! More importantly, they work just like new too. Recently I took an in-depth tour of our paint process. Let’s take a look…

When a box of phones enters our warehouse, they are inspected by our team and a series of quality checks is done. This determines exactly what needs to be done to get each phone looking and operating like new. They are then put into inventory based on these quality checks. After the phones are disassembled, they go through a 3 stage wash and cleaning process. After an alcohol wipe to get them ready to paint, they are put in racks and dried overnight.

This rigorous cleaning process ensures that once painted the phones will look just as good as phones that come from the factory new. We take pride in our products, and it shows.

Our specialized paint room sets us apart in the telephony refurbishment game, and we move a lot of inventory each week as the paint center now operates full-time to keep up with demand. 60 different colors of paint give us the ability to offer customers a range of options to fit their needs.

After the paint dries, the finishing touches are put on the phone – including new logos. Black Box Resale Services utilizes a silk-screening process for the logos, which is unique as well. Many refurbishers simply slap on a sticker or decal, but the silk-screened logo makes the phone look factory-fresh.

So there it is, a photo essay about the lifecycle of a painted phone. We give old, broken dirty phones a serious makeover and keep usable equipment out of the landfill.

Refurbished Equipment – More Reliable Than New?   Leave a comment

Purchasing refurbished equipment saves you money – you already know that. Buying refurbished also shows that your company is a “Green” business because usable equipment is kept out of landfills – investors and customers like a Green company – but you already knew that too. Warranties for refurbished products are on par with and often actually exceed warranties for new products – you already knew that too, right? There is one more benefit to purchasing refurbished equipment that many people do not know about, and that is higher initial reliability.

When you purchase something brand new, you expect it to perform to its utmost functionality right out of the box, correct? Unfortunately, this is not the case with many of the things that we buy. A new car, or any type of engine for that matter, needs to be “broken in” by not pushing it to its limits during a specified time period when bought new. On the other hand, new networking and telecommunications equipment should be stressed to optimum operating conditions and beyond before being fully deployed into a system. Studies and tests show that 90% of equipment failure happens within the first 200 hours of use. This is referred to as Infant Mortality Failure.

Manufacturers have different testing procedures in which new equipment is stressed and tested under optimal operating conditions. These stress tests are called Equipment Burn-in. While these tests do ensure that equipment will operate, they surely do not run new equipment for 200 hours (necessary burn-in period) before shipping it to the end-user. Because of this, many new products still incur Infant Mortality Failure soon after the equipment is deployed into the system. While warranties may sometimes cover the replacement of these broken components, they certainly do not cover the headaches, lost time and potentially lost data and productivity that results.

Refurbished equipment has already gone through the required 200 hour burn-in period and performed to specs in a real network. Infant Mortality Failure is no longer a worry. On top of this, at Black Box Resale Services we again run equipment through rigorous real-world tests to ensure that we can stand behind it as what we refer to as better than new. Our repair and testing facility is state of the art and allows us to plug components into a real network environment so that you can rest assured knowing that your refurbished system will run smoothly right out of the box.

In fact, at Black Box Resale Services we are so confident in our refurbished equipment’s reliability that we can offer warranties that often exceed a manufacturer’s warranty for new equipment. We offer a five-year warranty on most of our refurbished phones and phone repair services. Your phones are tested, repaired, cleaned, sanitized, and painted – to certified specifications as good or better than OEM specs. After a final test, your phones are repackaged with a new literature pack, coil cord, base cord, and handset. Best of all, they are guaranteed for 5 years! We offer a two-year warranty on most of our other refurbished products and repair services; manufacturers usually offer just a one-year warranty. This includes networking gear such as servers, bridges and switches. You can feel secure with our guarantee because we test, retest, and certify our products to ensure top-quality performance and presentation.

More reliable than new. Another strong reason to consider purchasing refurbished networking and telecommunications gear from Black Box Resale Services. Contact a Black Box sales representative today to begin planning your refurbished solution.

The Dangers of Counterfeit Cisco Equipment and How to Protect your Business   Leave a comment

Cisco has recently advanced its efforts to convey the risks of purchasing the company’s equipment from non-certified sellers and resellers. This is a problem which continues to plague all aspects of the Business and Technology world, and as a Gold-Certified Cisco partner Black Box Resale Services wants to ensure that consumers are informed about the issue. All organizations, from the pizza shack at the end of the block to the United States Department of Defense need to know that their network’s equipment is genuine. If it is not, and if concessions are made to purchase grey market or non-certified gear, the results can be disastrous. Any short-term cost savings will not be worth the damage bad equipment will do to your company’s infrastructure.

Since 2005, the FBI has cracked down on counterfeit Cisco equipment through its “Operation Network Raider” initiative. Main focus for this operation is on Cisco products coming from China. It is feared that counterfeit Chinese networking products find their way into US markets via non-certified and grey market sellers and resellers, and the Government’s network security may be put at risk. It is a distinct possibility that network engineers may be installing counterfeit Cisco devices into networks containing sensitive data, and unwittingly aiding other countries as they attempt to spy on us. Equipment may be rigged with back-door access, viruses or malicious software designed to fail. Also, much of this equipment is simply not up to the quality standards of Certified Cisco Equipment. If a company installs counterfeit networking gear, chances of network failure are greatly increased – not to mention the imminent danger of a system failing in a nuclear facility or air traffic control center. In 2010, the FBI stated it had seized $145 million worth of counterfeit Cisco equipment in a covert operation that’s netted no less than 715 seizures and brought 31 felony convictions.

Beyond these alarming threats to our National Security, any company looking to purchase Cisco equipment(or any networking equipment for that matter) needs to ensure that they are getting genuine gear whether it is new or refurbished. In the refurbished market, there are two types of Cisco resellers – those that sell Certified Cisco Refurbished Equipment(CCRE) like Black Box Resale Services and those that sell simply refurbished equipment without Cisco certification. Read the following documents from Cisco regarding the benefits of purchasing from a Certified Reseller

What is Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment?

Side-by-side comparison of New, Certified Refurbished and Non-Certified equipment

These documents from Cisco certainly establish the many benefits to purchasing Certified networking and telephony equipment. Any business can rest assured knowing that their equipment is of the highest quality, backed by Cisco warranties, and exhaustively tested to ensure that it operates to utmost functionality. The peace of mind that comes from buying Certified Cisco is one of our highest commodities here at Black Box Resale Services, and we have worked hard to produce that peace of mind through the high standards we are held to in order to be called a Gold-Certified Cisco partner.

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Wikipedia defines Unified Communications as follows –

“An evolving communications technology architecture which automates and unifies all forms of human and device communications in context, and with a common experience. Its purpose is to optimize business processes and enhance human communications by reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.”

Unified Communications(UC) has come to the forefront of the business world since VOIP telephony first emerged as an upgrade to traditional PBX systems. By tying desktop IP phones to the network via special connection devices on either end of the networked device, the phones became extremely useful and flexible communications interfaces. It didn’t take long for companies such as Siemens, Cisco, Avaya and others to take advantage of this emerging technology by creating telephone systems which did not rely on the PBX but rather came out of the box as true IP devices when attached to a properly configured system.

Desktop telephones were now capable of much more, becoming another networked interface which ran off configurable software. However, Unified Communications(UC) now goes beyond simply attaching your desktop phone to the network. Today, we communicate through various channels – E-mail, messaging, chat, fax, video, telephone and more. True UC ties all of these communications channels together allowing employees, business partners and customers to communicate seamlessly regardless of their location. One particularly useful asset of a UC system is the ability to monitor coworker’s availability or location. This is known as “presence” and makes for seamless business communication and a reduction in latency. By knowing a person’s status, we can communicate with them via the proper channel at all times. All of this equates to increased collaboration, communication and business process integration.

At Black Box Resale Services, we have strong partnerships with companies at the forefront of Unified Communications solutions such as Avaya, Cisco, Plantronics and Siemens. We offer both new and refurbished equipment to enable your business to become unified, as well as installation and cabling services. Whether you need to replace or repair a single device or are looking to upgrade your entire system, our experience in providing true Unified Communications solutions will ensure that your system is future-proof. Make the smart call and contact Black Box Resale Services.