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Black Box Resale Services adds Geek Squad assistance to provide support to SMB clients.   Leave a comment

The services provided by this new partnership include Geek Squad Office Support, which provides Geek Squad assistance via phone, online chat, remote (as well as optional on-site support).
Service plans are designed to help customers with PC diagnostics and repair, client and server administration, and network integration, including network, firewall, VPN, and server support as well as data backup and transfers.

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When you want it made-to-order   Leave a comment

Custom Cabling Infrastructure Products by Black BoxSure, we offer thousands of products, but sometimes your customers need more than an off-the-shelf solution. That’s why we built more than 150,000 custom products last year alone. We’re committed to making sure you get exactly what you need for your specific application. Our extensive range of custom capabilities include cables, adapters and faceplates. Many categories of UTP patch cables can be custom pinned, cut to specific lengths, even color coordinated. Need green cross-pinned CAT5e exactly 46 inches long? We do that!

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Stay tuned for upcoming webinar information!   Leave a comment

We’ve teamed up with Star2Star to bring an exciting webinar series to you!
Our first edition scheduled for September 20th is geared towards businesses with multiple locations. Hear real-world examples of how retail clients have saved money with new features like line pooling using cloud-based solutions.  Psst..there will be a fun give-away for attendees too! Call 866-549-5739 to get registered.

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Check out our Nortel & Siemens Switchbook   Leave a comment

We offer solutions for customers that need a turnkey solution. For businesses that want to quickly and efficiently expand their current platform or even those looking to shore up their disaster recovery plans, our switchbook listings have all the major components of a complete phone system in one place. Consider it an ala carte menu of phone and voicemail systems!» Check out some highlights from our wide selection and Make the Smart Call.
Request a quote or call 800-325-3740 today!

Black Box Resale stocks many hard-to-find items, including Nortel BCM50's Nortel BCM50
» Release 5.0 with 2 expansion ports, 3 analog trunks and 7 IP Sets with 20 voicemail boxes and 21 call center agent licenses. Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XBCM001BBAF5D3CC
Nortel CS1000E
» Release 6.0 Premium Services with CallPilot 202i Release 5.0.
Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XCS1000E318825343
Nortel BCM 400
Release 4.0, with 2 IP sets and 44 mailboxes and 8 VOIP licenses. Redundant System Capabilities. Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XBCMCF83E30A0000
Siemens HiPath 3550
Release 7.0 with 10 HG1500 B Channels

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Monster in your closet?   Leave a comment

The lifeline of your network
At Black Box, we know that the network is the heart of your business. From the data center to the desktop, each element is important to the success of your organization. Combined with the fact that your cabling system will be around far longer than your current PC or network switches, you know that a well-planned strategy will only net positive outcomes.

Be agile
Let’s face it, the IT organization is no longer the only or the most convenient technology solution provider. IT departments are pulled in many directions and often, support staff isn’t focused on working on something until ‘it’s broken’. This includes managing new cabling projects and maintaining cabling infrastructure in general.

Consider engaging a provider who is trained and certified to BICSI standards. Why BICSI? Comprehensive programs ensure quality installations and consideration of long-term growth into design plans. Along with knowledge of local codes, electrical requirements, and safety regulations, our project team understands the complex ‘under-world’ of cabling systems.

Monster in your closet?
From expert advice on your new or upgraded structured cabling system, and for complete services ranging from design and products through installation and maintenance, call your cabling specialist today.

It’s ok to open your eyes now
A smart and future-forward cabling system takes careful planning. We do that!


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Phone Bill Audit – Part of your life forever…or not?   Leave a comment

Have a nagging feeling that your company is being overcharged for business telephone lines and long distance usage? Noticed that telephony services like long distance are continuing to grow month after month? Perhaps an audit of your phone bill is in order! This is one way to find out where you might be spending unnecessarily. Your company may even find that real long-term savings can be found by implementing a different type of business phone system – a hosted or VoIP-based model. These differ from the traditional model where you get a monthly bill for lines and service from the telephone company..but more on that later in the post!

Many companies perform phone bill audits on a regular basis and find that adjusting their plan to the actual minutes being utilized can save money without cutting corners or downgrading service – which is always a good thing!  Others find charges for lines they placed disconnect orders for long ago or for extra services that may not be used or used infrequently.  A few auditing tips: Compare the cost of overage fees vs. upgrades and do not assume your bill is right!

NoSave on your business telephone expensesw, Did you say something about “Saving Even More Money Long-Term?
Can you imagine not having to deal with a traditional telephone bill or comprehensive audit process ever again? The growing group of businesses that have implemented VoIP or hosted VoIP solutions have ditched their traditional phone bill and the hassles that go along with them. The time and expense associated with audits can be spent accomplishing more valuable and productive tasks.

A phone system that employs the latest VoIP technology, such as Star2Star, enables businesses to make international calls at the cost of local calls. And because VoIP systems eliminate the need for separate wiring for telephones and data, monthly bills are less complicated and separate telephone and data bills are virtually eliminated. A unique feature of Star2Star systems  is the ability to share the lines between offices making it very cost-effective to communicate.

The best part of doing an audit is saving money and you might even find that with the money you save, you could pay for a brand new VoIP phone system that brings savings many times over traditional business telephone systems. Make the Smart Call to our Hosted Specialist Gail today at (866) 549-5739. We will take a look at your phone bill and see if a solution from Star2Star is right for your business! Black Box is an aurthorized Hosted VoIP System Dealer

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