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Phone Restoration

Let’s talk frankly about refurbished phones. When you hear the term “refurbished”, what images or preconceptions come to mind? Scratched or dented products? A returned item that was simply dusted off and re-packaged? We have found that many of the refurbishers in the communications market are just fine with sending equipment like this out to their customers. But would you trust a company like this enough to put one of their refurbished phones on your boss or CEO’s desk? We wouldn’t.

At Black Box Resale Services, we have been repairing and refurbishing phones and other communications equipment for over 20 years. We have always known that our processes far exceeded our competitors. Still, unless you have actually done business with us and seen the quality of our products you might simply think we are “just another refurbisher”. Every time we send out a sample phone to a prospective customer, we get their business. The quality speaks for itself. That is why we have coined a new term to describe the unique process and special kind of love that we give our products – Phone Restoration.

Think of phone restoration along the same lines as classic car restoration. You might find an old ’57 Chevy rusting away in a lot somewhere and decide you want to restore it to the condition it was in when it rolled off the assembly line so many years ago. First you need to test everything out to see what you’re dealing with in regards to the engine and other mechanical parts – it needs to not just look good, but ride down the road good too! So you test it, then rebuild the engine, add a new radiator, and maybe replace the exhaust system. You take it out on the boulevard for a test drive, and it runs great. Now to getting it looking great – you buff out the rust, add some new chrome and give it a snazzy new paint job. It’s good as new!

We do the same with phones. First a series of tests to see what – if anything – electronic needs to be repaired. The phone’s shell is rigorously cleaned and then painted to a brand-new look in our custom paint shop. After a new logo is silk-screened onto the phone, it is reassembled and again plugged into a real-world testing environment to confirm that it is running in tip-top shape. We then box it up with new product literature and a new coil cord and it’s ready to be sent to a customer.

As you can see, our process of repair and refurbishment goes well above and beyond what most other companies do. It’s no longer just a used phone, it’s a restored phone – one that looks and performs exactly like it did when it rolled off the assembly line. Because we know the quality of our restored phones, we stand behind them with an unmatched warranty as well. Other companies can’t offer that simply because they don’t have the same confidence in their products as we do in ours.

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Black Box Resale stocks many hard-to-find items, including Nortel BCM50's Nortel BCM50
» Release 5.0 with 2 expansion ports, 3 analog trunks and 7 IP Sets with 20 voicemail boxes and 21 call center agent licenses. Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XBCM001BBAF5D3CC
Nortel CS1000E
» Release 6.0 Premium Services with CallPilot 202i Release 5.0.
Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XCS1000E318825343
Nortel BCM 400
Release 4.0, with 2 IP sets and 44 mailboxes and 8 VOIP licenses. Redundant System Capabilities. Reference Black Box Resale Part #: XBCMCF83E30A0000
Siemens HiPath 3550
Release 7.0 with 10 HG1500 B Channels

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